Just for you who somehow stumbled upon this blog without any meta data. How did you get here? The posts on this blog are notes i like to keep for a long time. A free blog seemed to me a convenient way to store these notes and have them synchronized between all my devices.

Sometimes I need to figure something out and i search the web until i have everything i have and assemble it to one note. These are the tech posts. I mentioned where i found the information when i thought it is useful.

The complete recipes are mine or at least not copied from the internet or a book. They might look similar or – who knows – exactly the same like something you have seen before, but that is coincidence. Some i found long ago on the web or in a book and over time i adjusted them to my own taste. Some are from family or friends.

In case you will find something on these pages plagiarism, please let me know. this wasn’t my intention as it is not my intention to attract people and make money with this blog. I will remove or rewrite or add the source of the information as you wish.

Might you have found something useful, that’s great! If you have advise or suggestions please let me know.